Sympathy Saturday: Anthony and Joseph Rapose

One of the saddest things I come across in research for any family is the death of children. But this case was worse to me for the simple fact that death certificates existed for the kids. You might wonder why that would bother me. “Wouldn’t that mean you know what happened to the kids? You wouldn’t have to wonder.” Exactly. I have to imagine what the parents went through. I get a good picture in my mind of the circumstances because of all the details I found. And I’m not ashamed to admit I cry, even when it isn’t my family, such as in this case.



These are the newborn sons of Anthony Joseph Rapose and Mary Dorothy Fratis. As I found in Ohio birth records, their names were Anthony and Joseph. Anthony and Mary were brand new parents with the birth of these sons. I can imagine mom’s nerves when she realized she was in labor much too soon. There was no time to get to a hospital, if indeed one was available. The boys were born at home and died there three hours later. Their bodies weren’t developed enough to support them, so they passed away. I can imagine the parents cradling their newborns, fervently praying for a miracle that wasn’t forthcoming.

Anthony and Joseph Rapose were interred in Ashtabula’s St. Joseph Cemetery the following day.


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