Sympathy Saturday: John Green Holley

Holley, J.G. - 1903
My great-great grandfather’s death certificate

John Green Holley was born on 18 December 1833 on the family farm in Franklin, Tennessee, a few miles south of Nashville. His parents were Sion Holley and his wife, Martha Bradford. Apparently, the unique child naming ended with Sion because John and all of his siblings have those nice, common names like John, William, and Nancy. They must not want to be found.

John had moved with his family to Tippah County, Mississippi by 1850. By the turn of the next decade, we find him married to Nancy Rich and beginning a family of his own.

Seems all nice and sweet and rose colored, right? Happily ever after, maybe?

Nope. Just plain nope.

By 1880, John and Nancy are living apart and just a few years later, John completely moves off to Texas. He wanted his space and just getting out of the house wasn’t enough. He had to put a state between his family and himself.

He wanted his peace and quiet and he got it.

He died alone.


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