Grandfather’s Diary, Part II 

As I’ve said before, my grandfather was prone to dark moods. But reading about it, it made him live for me and I could understand him better.

“As I set here at home all alone this beautiful Oct. day trying to write these thoughts and memories! looking and listening to the T.V. and looking out the window, I pray to God for help and with a worried mind. I feel so lonely and sad. I feel alone in this world. I look up on the wall at a large picture of Christ. I realize I am not alone and I pray to him for guidance, hope, courage, and faith.

As being the youngest of seven in the family, I have always been of a lonesome nature. As I set here and look out at God’s nature, I think of everything [and] everybody: my family, Hazel and Billy, which means all in this world to me.

As I am unemployed at present, Hazel is working. Billy’s in school. As I watch them leave every morning, [a] million things run through [my] mind. Life is up and down, good and bad. It is more like highways. As I travel the highways [of] our great America, it reminds me of life. Up a long hill and down another. Some are beautiful and some are not.”

Granddad had too much time on his hands, it seems to me. He had all the time he wanted to obsess and worry. But he also had time to think of what mattered to him most and that was his family.

But life is a highway? Oh, granddad, you could’ve made money on that idea, if you only knew.

my granddad around 1967



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