Surname Saturday: Callaways of Kent

The first Callaway I have been able to find is Samuel Callaway who was born in 1740 in Stockbury, Kent, England. He married Mercy Thomas on 24 July 1859 and died in 1806. Samuel and Mercy had seven children: Mercy, Amy, Samuel, Francis, Ann, John, and Catherine.

His son, also named Samuel, was born on 11 Dec 1768 in Newington, Kent. He married Mary Syflet 6 March 1795 in Stockbury. They had nine children: Elizabeth, Mercy, George, Robert, James, William, Jane, Mary, and Sarah. In 1841, he was a seventy year old farmer in Stockbury. He died in September 1849.

His son George was born sometime in early 1802 and was baptized on April 25 at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Stockbury. He married Mary Ann Jenkins on 8 October 1826 in nearby Thornham. Together, they had seven children: Charles, William, Reuben, James, George, Mary Ann, and Henry. He was a Stockbury farmer until his death at the end of July 1880. He was buried in the parish cemetery on August 8.

St. Mary Magdalene, Stockbury
St. Mary Magdalene, Stockbury

His son William was born 1 May 1830 in Boxley, Kent and baptized on July 25 at St. Mary the Virgin and All Saints’ Church. On 27 December 1852, he married Mary Priest in Stockbury and together they had three children that I am aware of: Charles, William, and Emma.

St, Mary the Virgin and All Saints, Boxley
St, Mary the Virgin and All Saints, Boxley

William Senior was a Boxley farmer until 1874 when he decided to come to America that July. He and his family settled in Cleveland, Ohio.

William's Baptism Record
William’s Baptism Record

In Cleveland, William worked as a laborer and gardener alongside his son William until his death on 17 February 1919 of pneumonia. I have always found it difficult, in this age of modern medicine, to imagine a time when pneumonia killed. It still does, just not on the same level as 100 years ago.

William Callaway Sr death certificate
William Callaway Sr death certificate

William Callaway Junior was born 31 March 1855. He came with his family to America at the age of 19. He married Olive Kate Dutnell on 16 November 1880 in Cleveland. As mentioned before, he worked as a gardener with his father. He and Olive had seven children: Burton, Arthur, Robert, Ida, Ruby, Leonard, and Lawrence.

William Callaway and Kate Dutnell marriage certificate

William died on 29 July 1925 from prostate and bladder cancer. That had to have been agonizingly painful. He went from a strong man who worked hard outside all day to a frail, thin old man of seventy in severe pain. He was buried in the East Cleveland Cemetery.



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