Shopping Saturday: E.C. Street and his Sewing Machine

One hot day this summer, I found some motivation and went to the library to do newspaper research. The dog days of summer is an appropriate name for that time of year. I just wanted to do nothing.

While rolling through microfilm of Southern Sentinels from the 1940s (I think) looking for an obituary that I never did find, I came across an advertisement for my great-grandfather’s store. I have to admit I did a genealogy no-no and didn’t document my source. I didn’t pay attention at all to when this ad ran because it was a shock to even find it.



I knew that he owned several businesses, including those his children ran, but had never really known exactly what type of business he operated himself.

Singer sewing machines? I wonder who demonstrated them.

My grandmother Hazel? She was probably running her ice cream parlor at this point.

Aunt Lois? She might have also been running her beauty shop at this time.

Aunt Lottie? Would the inaugural Miss Ripley do something so common as sewing?

Aunt Lucy? As long as it’s before her marriage to Uncle Eugene in 1940.

Aunt Polly?

My great-grandmother? She was probably at home, working.

Uncle Frank? Certainly not! He would have been mortified at the thought of doing such a girly thing. Besides, he was probably too young at this time.

I never knew, so I never thought to ask. Now there’s no one left to ask. I don’t even know the name of the store.

It wasn’t until I began writing this blog that I realized how much I didn’t know. Genealogy is not for the dumb, the lazy, or the faint of heart.