Wednesday’s Child: Signe Marie Holm

I research three main families: mine and those of my two closest friends. I’ve blogged about one already with my posts about the Little/Fratis/Rapose/Smith/Hyde families. Signe Holm is the aunt of my other friend.

Signe Marie Holm was born to Gustaf Holm and his first wife, Anna Alfrida Anderson in Fort Dodge, Iowa on 24 June 1907. She was their first child.

Her life was contentious because the marriage between her parents was contentious. In the words of my friend, her grandfather (Signe’s father) was “a bull headed Swede.”

The marriage was bad enough that Frida packed six year old Signe and four year old Elmer and went back home to Sweden in November 1913 after six years of being married to Gust. They didn’t return until March 1918.

I believe they returned because Signe had started to show symptoms of tuberculosis. Frida probably had more faith in American doctors. Eventually, Signe deteriorated to the point she had to be put in the Glen Lake Sanatorium in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The family was living in Minneapolis at the time.

It was there that Signe died from TB on 16 February 1921 at the age of 13.

Signe at the sanitarium