Tombstone Tuesday: Lucy Gassaway

IMG_1217Lucy Gassaway, wife of Willis Robinson. Moved from South Carolina with her husband to Tippah County in the 1830s and is buried in the Oak Plain cemetery east of Blue Mountain. I was drawn to the use of consort on the stone. Seems so…royal. I hope she was as loved and treasured as it seems to be.


Tombstone Tuesday: Henry Clay Perry

In the late summer of 2012, my friend Donna and I went out to what felt like the middle of nowhere (but wasn’t) and walked Oak Plain Cemetery outside Blue Mountain, Mississippi. From time to time, I will be highlighting folks buried there.

Henry Clay Perry enlisted in the Tippah Rangers, or Company A of the 34th Mississippi Infantry on 7 May 1862. He was just in time for the Battle of Farmington two days later. For this battle and the evacuation of nearby Corinth, Adjutant-General Samuel Cooper gave the regiment an honorable mention. Perry and the regiment accompanied General Braxton Bragg to Chattanooga in July 1862. There he met his end and his body returned to his home. He was only 20.

Tombstone Tuesday: Keziah McBride Street

Keziah McBride Street's tombstone in Antioch Primitive Baptist Church cemetery outside Ripley, Mississippi
Keziah McBride Street’s tombstone in Antioch Primitive Baptist Church cemetery outside Ripley, Mississippi

Keziah was my fourth great-grandmother and the ancestor I seem to sympathize with the most. She saw her husband, seven sons, and oldest grandson off to the Civil War. I’ve been out to her home place where she helplessly waited and waited for her boys to come home. Soldiers would straggle wearily towards home and from one spot in the yard you can see at least three quarters of a mile down the road and around a wide bend. I can only imagine Keziah dashing out to that spot at every noise, only to find a cousin, a nephew, or even the neighbor’s boy. I’m sure she was beyond pleased that they were safe, but they weren’t her boys. It wasn’t the same. Three of her sons never came home and she died, they say, of a broken heart the next year.