Friday Funny: Calm Hobby

Those ancestors can make you crazy. They don’t even have to be yours. 

  • Gus Steward
  • John Little
  • Sion Holley (mine)
  • Edwin Rogers
  • Anyone with the surname Fratis, Rapose, McVitty
  • Any Swedish family 


Friday Funny: Indexing Mistakes


I know, I know. The indexers are only human and make mistakes. Yeah, I get that. I make more than my fair share of mistakes too. But it’s really frustrating to see the butchery of last names. Some you can sort of maybe figure out and the soundex will throw it out as an option and you still find the person you’ve been searching for. But sometimes, oh, sometimes a name is so butchered you won’t ever find them.

Skillthorp is the name I spent a lot of time searching for. Ancestry gives me god awful suggestions that are nowhere near what I’m looking for. When I eventually find them (oh, and I will find them), I could just bet the handwriting will be atrocious and I’ll have to give the poor indexer a pass.

We’ll see, Ancestry, we’ll see.

Friday Funny: What’s His Name?


Oh, Charles Schultz, you nailed this one on the head! This is pretty much how I feel about a lot of my ancestors and some of those of the folks I research for. When I was trying to write about John Little, I kept running into what I call “I don’t know” moments. Somehow when it happens to me, it’s not quite so funny. But I think it happens to all of us. We’re all Peppermint Patty.