Wishful Wednesday: My Wish List

My Genealogy Wish List

  1. I think we all want this: the 1890 Census, whole and complete. How many questions would that answer and how many brickwalls would be busted? 90% probably, if not more.
  2. A TARDIS (if you don’t watch Doctor Who, it’s the machine the Doctor uses to travel through time and space) to go back and beg my ancestors not to name their kids after their brothers and sisters because their brothers and sisters are doing the exact same thing and confusing me all these years later. Oh, and please don’t name your son John either.
  3. Use the TARDIS to beg my great-great grandfather James A. Taylor to tell me who his parents are.
  4. Be able to save every child in the family that died before adulthood and every mother who died because of childbirth.
  5. Better handwriting
  6. Wills, tombstones, and detailed obituaries for every person.
  7. the Irish home place of John Little
  8. Finding Gus Steward in the 1880 census (a lot of people got skipped in 1880, apparently) and therefore his parents
  9. To find out what really happened to my great-great grandparents Thomas Null and Beulah Mathis because they just disappear from the records
  10. To find Cora Marsha actually living with her first two husbands that seem not to exist except for a name on death certificates.

That’s my list for now. What’s your wish list? What answers do you want? Who would you like to meet?